Sunday, September 10, 2017

Consequences of Power Outages

So many people today have cell phones, they forget that they can run out of charge when the power is off for 2 or more days.  The same is true of the landlines that many homes have with portable phones.
During Wilma, I took my blue dial phone of lo, these many years, to the shop so that the telephone company had a phone to forward phone calls to our new location.  Regrettably, I had to leave it to the mold culture, but it served its purpose.

Thank goodness, I remembered and went to KMart and bought a princess phone for future hurricanes.  We have used it in our house several times and I just pulled it out for use this weekend.  Its always nice to receive calls from concerned friends and relatives.

It cost less than $20. and was definitely worth it.

We recharged device in the house Saturday night just to give us a leg up on no electricity.  I especially did my kindle and ipad.  We now have out accordion shutters closed and are watching a football game.  It is awful when the power goes off--primarily because of the air conditioning, but also because we have no boob tube.  I have my fingers crossed that we get to see the men's US open final tomorrow at 4pm.  (this was written Saturday pm)

Friday, September 8, 2017

What could be worse than a visit from Hurricane Irma?

You might well ask, what could be worse than a visit from Hurricane Irma?  What is, is a visit while you are supposed to keep your right leg elevated because of surgery on it.

On August 11 I was looking in the back room of Needle Nicely trying to locate a string of faux pearls that are back there so I could send them to the finisher for a mermaid pillow.  I couldn't and didn't find the pearls, but in the process I knocked down a well-balanced pile of things which unbeknownst to me contained a board that had been the end of one of Needle Nicely's counters.  Very heavy, about 15x18 and 3" thick.  It hit my right knee and skidded down my leg.  It peeled a flap right below my knee that miraculously healed itself.  However, it pounded my foot.  It didn't break anything, but I had a large hematoma and a massive blood blister formed.  I, of course, with my trusty needlepoint needle punctured it several places, but it didn't drain much.  I developed an infection and called my doctor (the next week--I'm tough).  He prescribed an antibiotic and sent me to the wound clinic where the next day a doctor cut a 3x2.5 cm opening in the top of my foot to release the blood clot (thank you, eliquis).  They rewrapped it twice, but it wouldn't stop bleeding.  I went to the emergency room and spent that night under observation in the hospital.  That was 8/18/17.

This is the cross-stitch pillow where I prop my foot on the coffee table.  I do turn it over so nothing will damage the design.  By the way, it is a Creative Needle design.
This shows the Needle Nicely inventory either in plastic  bins or covered with black trash bags.  All of the stitched models are in the cabinets that are around the walls of much of the shop.  Marcia, Toni, Lois and Arthur performed yeoman duty while accomplishing this with me reluctantly sitting and directing.

Yesterday Ray came and put the shutters up, so everything that can be done, has been.

EDIT:  It occurred to me that many may wonder why I am so paranoid.  The roof went off our last location and if I hadn't  covered everything up, I would have been out of business.