2011 Finishes

1.  Anniversary Seashell Tote

2. Fan coral framed pillow

3.  Associated Talents Tree pillow.  Actually. if I could do it over, I would add an inner red cord before the ruffle.  I think it adds a more finished look.  But, it is still gorgeous!
4.Palm Tree Ornament Miniature Tote by Canvas Connection

5.  Croc Ornament  Designed by Kathy Schenkel

6.  Hot-Glue Ornaments

7.  Frog Night Light Designed by Amanda Lawford

8.  Florida Designed by Denise DeRusha

9.  Needlepoint Cuffs

10.  Key Fob Designed by Voila!

11.  Votive Candle Designed by The Point of It All

12.  Angel Ornament Designed by Susan Roberts

13.  Pischke Pocket

14. Five Ladies Purse Designed by Lee Designs

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