2014 finishes

1.  sleepy time--this is the stitched canvas.  I have sent it to my finisher to be made into a pajama bag.  I'll post a photograph of the final product when I receive it from my finisher.  Isn't it darling?  And it's baaaack!

2.  Chomp--the shark bite canvas on 10mesh canvas.  It was screened on interlock canvas.  As one who is accustomed to stitched on woven canvas, I felt the absence of the "up and down rows" of basketweave.

3.  Technically, not my finish, but a Needle Nicely finish by Macy.  This is a finish/finish.  Wonderful!

4.  Oriole ministocking--a computer generated design on mono canvas.
5.  Sasha, the lady chef designed by TS Designs
 6.  Four tree ministocking from Pippin Studio

7.  Scallop shell pillow designed by Trish

8.  Pelicans pillow
9. Star ministocking

10.  Beautiful mermaid
 11.  Creche set

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  1. When I compare my pitiful pile of finishes to yours, I am wondering if you stitch in your sleep?!!