Needle Nicely has always stocked a number of rug canvases.  Between the Paternayan yarn difficulties and my age, and in an attempt to trim the shop inventory, I offered these canvases at sale prices.  Since Paternayan is once again available, I have ended the sale, but still have many canvases. You can contact Needle Nicely at 772 567 6688 or Notice the rugs have been folded (I usually put them in plastic bins during hurricane season).

1.  JP Needlepoint FUCHSIA  10mesh 36x48  $1100.00 canvas only SALE $440.00
 2.  Edie & Ginger FLORAL 12mesh 32x48 $605.00 canvas only SALE $$242.00
 3.  Creative Needle IMARI  10mesh 39" round $706.00 canvas only  SOLD
 4.  JP Needlepoint BUTTERFLIES 10mesh 33x48 $795.00 canvas only SOLD
 5.  Village Needlecraft FLORAL 10mesh 28x48 Originally $575.00 SALE $287.50 canvas only SOLD
6. Lee BLUE MORNING GLORIES 12mesh 24x36  $345.00 canvas only SALE $138.00

 7.  Lee BLUE BOWS IN CORNERS 10mesh 38x50 $750.00  canvas only SALE $300.00
 8.  Lee JACOBEAN FLORALS IN DIAMONDS 12mesh 28x47 Originally $555.00 SOLD

9.  Lee FLOWER BASKET 10mesh 36x50 $550.00 canvas only FLAW SALE $220.00
 10.  Jean Smith BIRD OF PARADISE 10mesh 34x50 $750.00 canvas only SALE $300.00
 11.  Jean Smith JUNGLE ANIMALS 10mesh 42x60 SOLD
 12.  Lee LEOPARD 12mesh 24x36 $335.00 canvas only SALE $134.00
 13. Lee FLORAL WITH GREY BORDER 10mesh 34x48 $575.00 canvas only SALE $230.00

14.  Edie & Ginger UNICORN 12mesh 32x48 Originally $535.00 SALE $214.00 canvas only SOLD

15.  Lee TRADITIONAL ORIENTAL 10mesh 35x48 Originally $670.00 SALE  $268.00 canvas only SOLD
 16. Lee MULTIFLORAL 10mesh 36x48 $805.00 canvas only SALE $322.00
 17.  Jean Smith MODERN ROSES 12mesh 36x48 $795.00 canvas only SALE $318.00
 18.  Danae Designs SQUARE FLORAL 10mesh 44x44 $750.00 canvas only SALE $300.00

 19.  Treglown Designs CLASSIC ORIENTAL 10mesh 36x54 Originally $670.00 SOLD
 20.  Lee AUBUSSON-LIKE 10mesh 44x62 $1150.00 canvas only SOLD
 21.  Shariane Designs ANGELS TREE SKIRT 10mesh 46" round $525.00 canvas only SALE $210.00
 22.  Lee OVAL FLORAL 10mesh 48x72 $990.00  canvas only SALE $396.00
23.  Quail Run TREE SKIRT 12mesh 50"round SOLD
 24.  The Point of It All HOUSE TREE SKIRT SECTION  13mesh 19" tall x 27"wide $287.50 canvas only SALE  $115.00
25.  The Point of It All CHILDREN SLEEPING TREE SKIRT SECTION 13mesh 19"tall x 27"wide $287.50 canvas only SALE $115.00
 26.  Needlepoint, Inc.  BELIEVE 13mesh 21"x24" Originally $550.00 SALE $220.00 canvas only SOLD

27.  Amanda Lawford  SANTA 18mesh 30"tallx 17"wide Originally $462.00 SALE $185.00 canvas only  SOLD
 28.  Trubey Designs ANGEL TREE SKIRT 10mesh 48"round  $450.00  canvas only SALE $180.00 SOLD
 29.  Treglown Designs MUSICAL LADIES 13mesh 24x30 $460.00 canvas only SALE $184.00
 30.  Lee  BLUE MOTIFS 10mesh 24x36 $538.50 canvas only  SALE $215.40 SOLD
31.  Lee BLUE FLORAL BORDER 12mesh 24x36 Originally $355.50 SALE 142.50 canvas only SOLD
32.  Lee FLORAL BORDER ON FLORAL CENTER W/LAVENDAR EDGE 12mesh 24x36  $502.00  canvas only SALE $200.80

 33.  P3 Designs GARDEN LATTICE 14mesh 24x36  $987.00 canvas only SA;E $394.80

I will continue posting photographs, so please keep checking back.  I have about 60 rugs and wall hangings that will be shown here.  Items will be removed when sold. 

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