Saturday, December 30, 2017

Uses for old, stitched needlepoint

NOTE:  It is really aggravating to sit down to finish a blog entry, only to discover that your internet connection is non-existent.  While Earthlink didn't repair it instantly, they were a little more professional about dealing with the whole process. 

Over last weekend, Peggi of Tapestry Tent ( blogged about an upholstered chair that she had had covered in"old" stitched needlepoint.  It made me think that that would be a good use for the Needle Nicely shop models where the canvases are no longer available. The pillows  have been put on sale in the shop, but I think this would be a better use for them. I also have some "retired" pillows sitting on a chair (yes, all on the same chair!--ask my husband why) in my living room.  Sunday night I started the process by taking two of them apart.  Last night I brought others home and have started the taking apart process.

This bow canvas was designed by the Alice Peterson company.

I counted this design from a Creative Needle leaflet years ago.  Inge also had it as a painted canvas, though I'm not sure it is still in her line.
This bow design by Thimbelina is approximately 40 years old. 
Trubey designed this canvas to go with her many tassel canvases.
I can't remember the name of the designer of this "heart" football canvas.  She had a whole series of
"heart" designs that were distributed by Susan Treglown.
And, last of this group, is this Golf pillow.  I think it was also distributed by Susan Treglown, but can't remember the designer.

Now I am off to locate a chair form and, in the meantime, take apart more pillows.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Other New Pippin Designs

To make up for not being able to make it to Destination Dallas this past September, I ordered some canvases.  These are some of the canvases I ordered from Pippin Designs.

Jennifer has a series of seasonal designs.  I am blog-stitching summer, but here are the other 3 in the series.  The first is winter.

 Then, we have spring.
 And, finally, we have autumn.  Each one more interesting than the last.
 I used to believe that Needle Nicely didn't have many Halloween canvases.  Perhaps next week I'll show the wall of Halloween canvases we have put up to go with this one.
 Someone from Washington, DC, was in and mentioned that no one in that area seems to do doorstops.  With Vero's breezes, we really need plenty of them. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Summer by Pippin

Jennifer Tan of Pippin Studio has done a series for the 4 seasons.  I have decided that "Summer" is the canvas I'll be stitching at home now that I have my stitching mojo back.  I will be stitching the kimono at the shop.  Both will be stitched primarily in Splendor.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cleaning up after ripping

Here is a picture of the lines where I ripped out the red outline of my kimono.  Notice that there is a
residue remaining along the lines.  This residue would show through the pattern stitches within the boxes.

Next you can see where I folded over a piece of Scotch tape.  I used this piece of tape to remove the bits of residue.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Starting the Kimono outline

After I cut the recommended piece of 18-mesh canvas, I found the top center.  I also found the top center stitch of the kimono outline.  I am stitching the outline before I do any of the pattern stitches.  I am stitching the outline "in hand", but will transfer to stretcher bars when I start the pattern stitches.

This is my current status.  If you look closely, you can see the enlarged holes in the canvas indicating 10s. You can also see where I have inserted the needle to mark where I left out one section along the top.  I was wondering why I had so much canvas remaining on the left side of the design.  To my regret, I discovered the reason.  Just think of me ripping out and perhaps rethinking my stitching strategy.  Sigh!