Sunday, September 10, 2017

Consequences of Power Outages

So many people today have cell phones, they forget that they can run out of charge when the power is off for 2 or more days.  The same is true of the landlines that many homes have with portable phones.
During Wilma, I took my blue dial phone of lo, these many years, to the shop so that the telephone company had a phone to forward phone calls to our new location.  Regrettably, I had to leave it to the mold culture, but it served its purpose.

Thank goodness, I remembered and went to KMart and bought a princess phone for future hurricanes.  We have used it in our house several times and I just pulled it out for use this weekend.  Its always nice to receive calls from concerned friends and relatives.

It cost less than $20. and was definitely worth it.

We recharged device in the house Saturday night just to give us a leg up on no electricity.  I especially did my kindle and ipad.  We now have out accordion shutters closed and are watching a football game.  It is awful when the power goes off--primarily because of the air conditioning, but also because we have no boob tube.  I have my fingers crossed that we get to see the men's US open final tomorrow at 4pm.  (this was written Saturday pm)

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  1. The younger generation poo-poos landline phones, but they're often the only things still working when cell phones kick out and the power goes out.