Saturday, August 23, 2014

Clara Wells purse, 4

Yesterday I had a surprise visit from Kate Dickerson, a needlepoint designer from the Cape in MA.  Kate was in Fort Lauderdale to visit her daughter.  She had some free time yesterday so she drove up.  Of course, the GPS gremlins were at work and she was misdirected for part of her journey so the trip took her longer than she expected.  And of course I neglected to take her photograph while she was here.  I'm just not a person who automatically reaches for her camera to record people or happenings.  I really feel dense about this.  It was great to see Kate again and help her select some alternate fibers for a canvas she is stitching. 

This week I received the finished shop model of the pelicans that I stitched earlier this year. 
I've managed to complete both sides of the purse 
"top" areas.  Now to start on the zebra striped side sections. 


  1. You always select super fabrics for your pillow finishes, Mary Agnes!

  2. Very nice pelicans! I see myself sitting on your veranda, watching the ocean with that pillow for company....