Saturday, August 2, 2014

Creche for the Festival of Trees

Last weekend one of those lightning bolts went through my brain (you know how that happens, don't you?).  I remembered that I hadn't stitched recently on the petitpoint creche that was to be Needle Nicely's donation to this year's Festival of Trees.  Actually, the stitching and finishing are to be the shop's gift--the canvases were donated by a customer who had decided that congress cloth was too small for her eyes.  Anyway, in March Macy and I started stitching.  She is in charge of the figures and I am doing the navy background.  However, somehow the project was forgotten and the canvases tucked into a safe place.  Until my lightning bolt struck.

A word about the photographs--I take them at the shop and then edit them at home.  I discovered that my usual technique doesn't work with such small images so some of these are quite blurry.  I'll replace them next week with clearer images.

I have 5 more figures to stitch as well as the 18mesh stable backdrop.  This is my shop stitching until I complete them.  Think fast stitching thoughts for me!!

EDIT:  I've changed several of the photographs, there still isn't the clarity I usually get with my photographs.  Sorry!

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  1. The stitched figures are very sweet. Time to get out your turbo needles, Mary Agnes!