Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sick computer--and terrible withdrawal pains

Monday morning I turned on my laptop, clicked on the internet icon--and nothing happened.  My server couldn't connect to the proxy server.  Not that I was aware of whether I did or didn't have a proxy server.  Hrrrmph, hrrmph.  No emails, no blog reading, and most importantly no poker on the Double Down Casino.  So I dropped my beauty off at the computer doctor Needle Nicely has used as long as we have had computers (about 20 or so years).  There were several sick computers ahead of mine and so it didn't get looked at until Tuesday afternoon.  I kept calling to check on its status and was told it had many corrupted files that were taking time to clean up.  Finally, today I received the call that my beauty was once again healthy and ready to be picked up.  Hooray!  I'm showing restraint.  First I read my emails and then I read blogs.  Now I'm blogging.  My reward will be several sessions of Video Poker.  Hooray!

This is one of 2 ribbon stockings I recently received from Creative Needle.

I absolutely love this witch canvas from Shelly Tribbey designs.  So many details that just call out for pattern stitches.
Kate Dickerson designed this delightful backgammon board.  What a wonderful variety of patterns in the points.

Treglown Designs supplied this marvelous alligator canvas.  Those of us in Florida can never have enough "gators".

ANNOUNCEMENT  (I can't get a colon, so will skip punctuation!!) Needle Nicely will be participating in American Express's Small Business Saturday, November 29.  That's a day where if you register your Amex card and then use it for in-person purchases on the 29th you will receive up to 3 statement credits of $10.
To sweeten the pot, so to speak, Needle Nicely will also give 20% off any regularly priced merchandise.  This is the only Saturday during the year that Needle Nicely is open.  Please help me make giving up an extra day off worthwhile!!  I personally will be stopping at Vero's local bookstore on my way to work.

EDIT:  I just clicked on the Double Down Casino site and was greeted with this notice--Thank you for your patience while we perform routine maintenance on this site.  Are you kidding me????  My husband thinks this is absolutely hilarious.


  1. Glad your computer is back in business! Wish I knew someone who plays backgammon--Kate's canvas is very pretty.

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