Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Toting my stuff--in tote bags!! II

This is a continuation of my description of the tote bags I use toting my stuff through life, from library books to needlepoint to groceries to just "stuff".  It's amazing to me what a collection I have amassed over the years.

I just renewed my subscription to the New Yorker and, surprise, surprise, this beauty magically appeared in the mail.  Thank you

A really sturdy canvas bag is the one Needle Necessities handed out at the last TNNA market they attended.

I can't forget this TNNA (the national needlearts association).  I have to remind myself when I look at this that it is the thought that counts, because it is small and flimsy.  It does the job, just not a very big one!
This beauty is from Vera Bradley.  It looks rather flimsy but has served me well.  I'm not sure what fiber it is made from, but the design is certainly attractive.  It isn't fabric, it isn't oil cloth.  I really don't know what it is, it's sort of similar to tyvek.
But the real prize of all of these is the yellow floral tote bag from Vera Bradley that I have years for the pasts ten yearrs or so at TNNA markets.  With it I carry a matching pocketbook.  It makes life so simple--it serves as my airplane carry-on bag.  I put the pocketbook inside (or not) along with my selected stitching
projects and any snacks.  At market, it is the repository for the price lists that I make myself pick up on my first day walking the market.  (Artists aren't really strong on sending new price lists with orders, so you're on your own about managing to get them.)  Later days of the market I use the tote to carry orders, my water bottle, and other items of life's little necessities.  The minute I return home, I empty these beauties, wash them, and then hang them in the closet until I leave for another market.  Vera Bradley has discontinued this size of her purse so I want to preserve it as long as I can foresee myself going to markets.


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  1. I am a tote bag lover too. I have several from over the years, but only have a few that I use consistently. My traveling bag is showing wear and will need to retired from active duty soon. It's hard to find one that works so well for stitching programs. Love your blog :)