Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A take-off of Maggie Lane's chessboard

I have always loved Maggie Lane's needlepoint books and the designs inside them.  Years ago, when trying to arrive at a geometric design to offer as a class, I rediscovered MORE NEEDLEPOINT BY DESIGN by Maggie Lane.  In it she presents a chessboard done in pattern stitches.  It is gorgeous.  However, 64 stitches are too many to teach in 3 months of the Florida winter season, so I edited them.  I selected 25 stitches so the class would be 5 stitches per week with an additional border stitch added each week.  I selected impressions from the Caron Collection as the fiber--utilizing one overdyed and two solid colors.  Since I stitched this years ago, I will show an overall photograph, then I will divide the finished sampler in fourths.
There were 25 squares of 24x24 canvas threads.
This quadrant includes the stitches from the left:  G7, bargello; H5, leaf stitch; A4, satin stitch; 2nd row:  G4, knitting stitch; D6, Jacquard stitch;  C8, two-sided Italian; 3rd row: H7, double cross stitch; B1, Montenegrin cross stitch; D8, Moorish stitch variation.

In future blog entries, I will show close-ups of the remaining quadrants of the canvas and the finished pillow.

Yesterday I received the finished pillow that Trubey designed in the late 70s and that I stitched several months ago.  Needle Nicely has kits for sale of this design, in the shown pink.  There are additional kits in yellow and blue.
EDIT;  I noticed that I incorrectly identified the Montenegrin cross stitch as the Greek cross stitch.  Oops!

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  1. What a wonderful idea, Mary Agnes, to teach a checkerboard "sampler" pillow! Maggie Lane is timeless! Change out the color scheme to match your decor, and you're good to go!