Saturday, June 13, 2015

Maggie Lane Chessboard Take-off, III

The third  stitch in the 3rd row is D5, fern stitch; followed by B4, mosaic stitch halved and turned with an upright cross stitch in the middle; the row ends with G8, Old Florentine turned on its side.
The third stitch in the bottom row is F1, Milanese; E4, cashmere stitch done diagonally; and ending with A2, the checker stitch.

The past few weeks have been very quiet in the shop, though you wouldn't have suspected it yesterday at lunch time.  The grandfather who stitched a Christmas stocking for his first grandchild last year, has discovered that twins are coming, so we are consulting about the stitches on another stocking.  I am walking him through, area by area, and stitch by stitch.  While we were talking, in walked a customer who has returned to Vero after growing up here.  The two of them indulged in old home week as another customer arrived to consult me about the finished product of a stitch we had discussed yesterday.  Then another customer joined us to inquire about whether she had enough fiber to complete her project.  Of course, after they left, I didn't see another person all afternoon.  

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  1. Very nice selection of chessboard patterns! And as for customer flow, when it rains, it pours! Enjoy the moment when you can!