Saturday, November 7, 2015

Climbing walls, again Part II

The last section of wall has our pet area:  first dog canvases, and then cat designs.

That covers the right-hand wall as you walk into the shop (that is the side that business consultants say is the preferred side for buyers when they come into a shop.  Let's hope so!).  
The other wall starts just inside the front door on its left.  We put four large 
Melissa Shirley canvases because they fit the area so nicely.  Ironically (or perhaps fortuituously), a customer came in after we got the canvases up and bought, of course, the top canvas.  She apologized, but I thanked her and told her that selling them was the purpose for putting canvases on the walls.  After she left the shop, we filled the empty space with another Melissa Shirley canvas--YES!

Above the bookcase we put the Joy Juarez rhino canvas and Melissa Shirley's macaw canvas.
Geometric canvases are what we selected for the next area which is quite large
The next area is close to the Christmas ornament area.  First, we placed three Florida canvases.  After them, we put the clock canvases that came with buttons.  The other clock canvases we put on a hanger and hung them with miscellaneous canvases.
It's a satisfying feeling of accomplishment to stand back and admire the walls.  Now, I hope people will come buy canvases from them and leave us with holes to be filled with other canvases--that's the name of the game!  

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  1. It's a lot more work and involves a lot more thought than I realized. But they walls look great!