Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Climbing walls, again

Since I no longer climb to hang canvases, I have been looking at empty spots and the same old canvases all summer.  Thank goodness Macy is back and more than happy to jump on the ladder to hang different canvases.  On the main wall of the shop, we decided to do a multitude of "smalls".  These are canvases approximately 5"x5".  Usually they are grouped together in a basket about 12" x 30".  Customers seem to avoid these canvases like the plague.  Hence, our decision to feature them.
We made mini-groups and splattered them along the wall.

We started with elephants, then moved on to oriental designs.  Next are various chairs with a few butterflies tucked in.  I have to laugh looking into the tassel mirror's reflection.  It shows the opposite wall with the pillows on the shelf and my hands holding my camera aloft.  You can barely see the top of my grey head!
After the chairs, comes flowers followed by more butterflies.
The next section has several sports canvases.  They are followed in quick succession by turtles, palm trees, and remnants of Trubey's teapots.  Then we have some brightly colored abstracts.

We move on to the shell section, closely followed by the sailboats and surfboards.  Near the bottom we have tucked in some buildings and lighthouses.
The last section of the wall has canvases
I'm having technical problems down-loading photographs.  I'm going to try publishing and then coming back to add more photographs.  We'll see if it works.  It didn't, so I'm doing a second blog entry on Saturday to complete the walls.


  1. Quite a selection you've got there, Mary Agnes!

  2. I agree, there's a lot to love on display. Thanks for the eye candy.