Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Few New Canvases

I'm trying to restrain myself this season in my ordering of new canvases.  Shops must constantly add new inventory, but it can be more like a sprinkling of diamonds than a deluge of gold dust.  With the increase in designer websites, many of my customers call me to order canvases for them.  That eliminates my trying to guess what designs speak to them.  Several of the following canvases are ones I have just received for customer special orders.

This is a small Susan Roberts ornament.  It looks like so much fun to stitch.
 We have  a lot of sailboats (and stink pots--i.e., motor yachts) in Vero.  This would make a perfect gift for someone's Christmas tree.  It is also a Susan Roberts design.

Susan Roberts designed this as a frame.  I envision it as either a birth sampler, a monogram pillow, or a frame for a photograph of a new-born.
 Diamonds are a girl's best friend.  This is a wonderful stash buster and looks like fun to stitch.  Thanks, Susan Roberts.
 We all need to spend some time relaxing after a stressful day.  This canvas by Labors of Love is a fine example of what we should do--though we could change the champagne for vodka (hint, hint!)
This ornament is from a 12 days of Christmas series by Shelly Tribbey.  It comes in either 18 or 13 mesh.
Stitch-Its has a series of 10mesh canvases for beginners.  I selected this one to show you from the shipment I just received.


  1. Great collection! The little Susan Roberts Santa is so adorable!

    1. She has several in a series, each cuter than the last.