Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Other New Pippin Designs

To make up for not being able to make it to Destination Dallas this past September, I ordered some canvases.  These are some of the canvases I ordered from Pippin Designs.

Jennifer has a series of seasonal designs.  I am blog-stitching summer, but here are the other 3 in the series.  The first is winter.

 Then, we have spring.
 And, finally, we have autumn.  Each one more interesting than the last.
 I used to believe that Needle Nicely didn't have many Halloween canvases.  Perhaps next week I'll show the wall of Halloween canvases we have put up to go with this one.
 Someone from Washington, DC, was in and mentioned that no one in that area seems to do doorstops.  With Vero's breezes, we really need plenty of them. 

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