Saturday, January 13, 2018

Uses for old, stitched needlepoint II

I think that I will have enough stitched canvases to do the chair with these pieces.  Now to locate a suitable chair.  I am also considering asking my local upholsterer if he can make the chair for me.  More at another time about that.

This was a kit from Elsa Williams, years ago.
 The next five canvases were designed by Village Needlecraft.  Gayle retired and so far as I know, did not sell her designs, which was a pity.

 I think this canvas was either a Winnetka Stitchery or a Village Needlecraft design.
Trubey stitched this canvas.  It was a design from England--I can't remember the artist's full name, but it was Jane. 

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  1. I always loved Village Needlecraft designs--too bad they're gone.