Saturday, February 2, 2013

More new canvases

 First we have this bright canvas of multi-colored  poppies from Alice Peterson.  I think the lack of shading in the petals just calls for pattern stitches.  This is on my list of possible stitching projects.  Of course, that list is about 5 times what it is humanly possible to accomplish for shop models.  We'll see.

This hibiscus canvas from Treglown Designs reminds me of those prints used for Hawaiian aloha shirts. This is also so Florida.  Of course, I wasn't supposed to order any floral pillows since we already have so many.  Ah, well!  Rules were made to be broken.
 And you can never have enough doorstops when you live on the coast of Florida, especially one with a seashell design. This beauty was designed by Gayla Elliott.

 Many of my customers are grandmothers.  They're always looking for projects to celebrate the birth of a grandchild.  Alice Peterson has always had a selection of these large alphabet hangings (also some for numbers).
This asymmetrical paisley canvas is from Alice Peterson.  It has such a fresh look.

What a vision of a tropical paradise.  This beauty is from Charley Harper distributed by Treglown Designs.  You have to envy those free as a breeze birds.

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  1. My vote would be for the Alice Peterson paisley, but I'm incredibly partial to blue!