Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hearts mistake

Am I prescient or what?  When I looked at my blog later Saturday night, I noticed in the photograph that there were 5 stitches between the two hearts on the top border.  GRRR.  Thank goodness when I stitched Saturday night I worked on the interior hearts.  I have since frogged the area and restitched that part of the  border.  It's just a lesson to not let yourself get too cocky about what a wonderful mathematician/stitcher you are--things do happen to stymie the process.  On the plus side (says Suzie Sunshine), I caught it early and it was simple to fix.  Onward and upward! 

If you look closely you can even see where I enlarged a hole so I would know the center of the row.  Nothing like ignoring your own signals.  

 Now to show some more new canvases.  These ladies are distributed by Maggie Co.  As a note, I will be having a Maggie Co trunk show in March--the 16th through the 31st. 

And one of Maggie's "what are they thinking?" canvases showing the thoughts of a dog.
I couldn't resist this whimsical winter canvas from Ewe and Eye.  Makes me think that new whiter than white metallic from Balger would be perfect--I think the number is 5760 (or close).  And I always thought 032 was white!
And this is a smaller version of Gunther, my 30" nutcracker stitching project.  This series of canvases is 18"
and Susan Roberts who designed them also has a 9" series.
Macy (my new employee) confessed today that she had checked out the blog and now was in on the secret that many more boxes were headed our way.  Ah, well!  We had a good chuckle about it.
And we sold another rug yesterday--the dragon from Anne Cram.  The customer selected the colors and now I have to calculate the amount of each color she will require.  I have to do that first thing in the morning while my brain is fresh.  That makes 9 rug canvases and one 2-sided Mrs. Santa sold, only two million left (just a slight exaggeration).
And Dotty came in this afternoon to get her neck hug.  She's going home tomorrow so our stitching afternoons have ended.  Perhaps she'll be back in the spring to tackle another 2 of her projects.  I hope so--we've known and liked each other so long, it's a comfortable relationship.  Now I'll have lonely thoughts at 3pm in the afternoon. 

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