Saturday, July 20, 2013

Little mermaid, 3

I've been working on the tail smyrna crosses, alternating stitching them with the blue background basketweave.  This weekend my goal is to look on-line for instructions for the bullion stitch for all that hair.  Years ago I tried doing them and failed abysmally.  Since then I have resorted to fake bullion stitches.  We'll see if I have improved with age and patience. 

Yesterday Lynn packed the rugs into the plastic storage bins.  I have made color print-outs of each one and we have marked the bins so on the off chance someone wants to buy one, we know which bin holds it.  This organizational plan allowed us to discover that I had omitted one rug from the sale listings.  It got added as #70 last night.  I guess Lynn doesn't pack them as tightly as I used to--they still occupy 6 bins and over 20 have been sold since the rug sale began this year. 

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