Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Merrrrrry Christmas

In approximately 1979,  Needle Nicely in its infinite corporate brilliance (and while still in the mountains of North Carolina), decided to open a shop in the next town, Boone, for the winter.  Hindsight says this was a boner idea.  However, in our enthusiasm to publicize the moment, Trubey conceived the following design for cross-stitch.  It appeared in our newspaper ads encouraging customers to flock to our satellite location.  It looked great on red or green aida.  Then we transferred the design to 10mesh needlepoint canvas and stitched it entirely in Paternayan persian wool utilizing the basketweave stitch.  Fast forward to 2013 and I am resurrecting it.  Identical design, different fibers and adding pattern stitches to produce a new and improved finish.  TaDah!

It is amazing how quickly a 10mesh canvas is stitched.  The background is stitched in the diagonal mosaic using Trio (silk 'n ivory for 10mesh).  I'm doing two rows of slanted gobelin outside the border so the border will show when the pillow is made.

The green border is a tent stitch (for the single stitch) and a slanted gobelin over 2 for the "notches".  The fiber used is metallic ribbon floss.  The small snowflake has a central body of a Scotch stitch.  The larger snowflake has 2x2 areas where I utilized the Smyrna cross.  The fiber used in the snowflakes is also metallic ribbon floss.

NOTE:  I had prepped the introduction to this blog entry several days ago.  Tonight I just clicked on Publish, not remembering that I had altered the publication date.  Ooops! 

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