Saturday, July 13, 2013

Little mermaid

Last year Alice Peterson had a new canvas by Gayla featuring a mermaid.
When I received the canvas (it also comes as a doorstop), I realized that the central mermaid motif would look good as a pillow insert or attached to a tote bag or...the possibilities are endless.  So I ordered her painted all by herself.
I've started on the background, partly because I like to do the background first since it bores me; but also because I want to have the background stitched before I start on those tendrils of hair. 

We've had several customers send us canvases to finish stitching.  There are 4 Christmas stockings, a dog collar and a petitpoint angel the customer purchased from us in 1987.  What a treat to see the handwritten stitch instructions and recognize the handwriting.  Add to those the 3 tote bags that I have to attach pockets to and a pillow that needs its twisted cord reattached and the 2 key fobs I blocked and glued Thursday--definitely not many goof-off opportunities!

1 comment:

  1. This mermaid has a very pleasant expression on her face. So many I've seen look like they have cramps or were scared by an octopus.