Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A custom key fob--and several finish/finishes

Last year my attempt at having a personalized key fob finished by one of Needle Nicely's belt finishers resulted in a really disappointing product.  Since then I have managed to locate the metal hardware on line and so had the NN studio design a custom key fob for me that will serve as a shop model.
 But, obviously things are not meant to be perfect--I usually cut my perle cotton once, since I like stitching with long lengths.  However, I noticed that the needle was abrading the fiber and there were several streaks in my stitching.  I have started cutting the strands in half and stitching with that length.  I'm using DMC 996 which is a "hot" bright blue. 
UPS brought this beauty from our finisher yesterday.  I just love this pajama bag, though Macy commented the pajamas needed to be small!  Guess I'll have to leave it in the shop and not take it home for my jammies!!
 This is the back view.

I had forgotten to show you the finished Oriole mini-stocking. 


  1. What a fantastic job the finisher did on the pajama bag! I can just picture the look on some little person's face when he/she receives something like this. Is it on 13-ct., Mary Agnes?

  2. Anne, it's 10mesh so it stitches really quickly. There are other animals available (like a lamb).