Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My favorite needlepoint designer

With so many talented designers now available, it is difficult to select one as a favorite, but I have one.  I first saw designs by my favorite designer, Terry Enfield, when I visited my sister in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in the late 1970s.  I don't remember the name of the shop, but the owner's name was Phoebe.  I can still see her shop in my mind.  I was particularly taken by Terry's designs and asked for her contact information which Phoebe was generous enough to share.  In those days, shop owners and designers were loathe to share their sources and it was the rare person who would be helpful.  When I returned to North Carolina, I contacted Terry.  She sent her photographs (she didn't do "markets"), and Trubey and I made an order.  Over the years Terry has moved from being her own agent and personally painting every canvas to having someone else do the production and shipping.  She is currently represented by The Red Thread Designs. 

I am currently pulling canvases from my inventory to put on sale.  However, Terry's canvases never make it to the sale area.  I love them so much that I'll keep them for myself to look at, even if I don't manage to stitch them.  Here are a selection of  her designs that I have in stock.  Many of her canvases that I am drawn to are larger wall hanging-types. 

This canvas is the exception to that--it is a 5x5 for a pillow insert or box top painted on black canvas.

I'm not really a wildlife lover, but these ducks just speak to me.

I have this canvas pinned to the wall in Needle Nicely's back room.  I plan to stitch it.  I can't justify taking time from revenue-producing stitching just now, but some day soon I'll be working on this beauty.

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