Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Star/tree mini-stocking

People often ask where to start a pattern stitch on a canvas.  I'm sure the decision varies from person-to-person, but I always start where I can establish the pattern--that is, do at least 5 or so "repeats".  It's easy then to go back and fill in "the edges" (those odd areas that seem to confuse the issue).  The star on the following mini-stocking is an example of this.

Pippin Studio has some 13-mesh mini-stockings that have large blocks of colors and thus lend themselves to pattern stitches.

I have started the nobuko stitch on the star using Balger braid #16.  I wanted to start the row of stitching at the place where the right point of the star joins the top point.  I drew my needle to the right edge of that right point and that's where I started my first row of stitching.  I will go back later, turn the canvas upside down, and do the remaining stitches in the right point and the top point.

Here you can see the completed star.  I have started stitching the green background in the basketweave.  I have also started the red using the diagonal mosaic.

This is the shop model pillow back from the finisher.  Miraculously the fabric exactly matches the silk 'n ivory I used for the background.


  1. The green basketweave background really makes the Nobuko star pop!

  2. Cute stocking Mary Agnes, are the red and green threads Balger Braid as well? Love the shine.

    1. They are--I'm doing the entire stocking in Balger