Saturday, June 21, 2014

5" tree, VI

The 2nd half of the fourth Christmas tree canvas calls for four shades of Flair.  Needle Nicely stocks all the available colors of Rachel (the same fiber just a different trademark name), but I had to order the called for colors of Flair.  There are many fibers which Needle Nicely orders on cones and then skeins in the shop during quiet times.  Flair and Rachel are both treated that way.

This is the full 4th canvas:

My first row of the diamond star stitch utilizing two of the called-for 4 shades of Flair.  I'll be honest--I'm not looking forward to the compensation stitches that are going to be required to fit this stitch around the tree outline on the right side. 


  1. Makes a great-looking candy cane!

  2. That is a fantastic stitch, though--maybe it will be worth the pain?