Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5"tree V

The color on this photograph is awful.  I've tried to tinker with it and it looks better than it did, but not true to life.  The gold-looking fiber on the right is actually a red-orange neon rays plus similar to 606 DMC.  It definitely looks better in person than in this photograph.

I took this to the shop and added the 3 different sizes of star and some smyrna crosses on the left-hand side using treasure braid.  Susan (the designer) had painted dark spots on the canvas for the stitcher to skip so it was easy to determine where the various elements went.  It worked like a charm in the light at the shop where I could see the spots I had skipped.  

On the right-hand side there are three stitches.  One is the gold-looking diagonal long-arm cross stitch.  I have yet to do the chain stitch between the two rows of long-arm cross.  The last stitch is the diagonal brick trame in neon rays.  In the top two sections I have completed the stitch.  In the bottom two sections I have done only the alternate rows of continental.

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