Saturday, September 13, 2014

Clara Wells, 5

My progress seems sooo slow, but I have to remind myself that I am stitching two identical sides.  I stitch on one side for a few hours and then switch to the other side so I'm at about the same place on both.  I will admit that while I am doing the diagonal mosaic for the black, white and grey areas, I won't recommend that to my customers.  It is more confusing to maintain the pattern than I expected.  It is also more difficult to see the pattern stitch design in the black yarn, so why make life more difficult for little effect.  Basketweave will work just as well and stitch more quickly.


  1. Love the colors on this one and your patience, don't know if I could complete 2 sides of the same design. Although I don't think a one sided purse would work very well, LOL!

  2. The black and white with red is so striking! And you're right--seeing a pattern in a stitch in black is virtually impossible.