Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Clara Wells purse, 6

My progress is continuing at a snail's pace, but remember there are two sides that are about equal in progress.  This weekend I'll have hours of golf to watch during the Ryder Cup.  I'm torn about which side to root for since I like so many of the individual European players as well as some of the American players.  I guess I'll wish for some great golf to enjoy no matter who wins.

Needle Nicely doesn't usually get new canvases at this time of year if I haven't gone to the fall cash-and-carry (which was in Dallas and I didn't attend).  However, these are some late arrivals from spring orders.  I love flamingos on anything, but especially on this "Lilly" dress from Barbara Bengsten Designs.  It comes on both 13mesh and 18mesh.

What a wonderful "beachy" belt from Associated
And a salute to my Giants fan husband, Arthur.  The Giants managed against the odds to win last Sunday
which kept the noise level in my house to a bearable level.  This design is from Keep Your Pants On Designs.

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  1. Oh, good--I get some stitching time in Sunday afternoon while DH watches golf.