Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Melissa Shirley stable for small creche III

I've finished the front of the roof (that sounds awkward, but I guess that's what it is) in the Diagonal Triple Parisian using watercolors.  I've done a bit more on the sky area and the shutters. 

My stitching at the shop has been curtailed because I'm still ripping the two-tone background on a Christmas stocking we are stitching for a customer.  And people are starting to trickle back into town.

I received the following 2 mini-stockings back from the finisher yesterday.  Both are by Pippin Studio.

They looked good after I finished stitching them, but they really look spiffy now!!


  1. Nice job on the front of the stable!

  2. Love the stitch you're using on the roof! And the ornaments do look spiffy all finished.