Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Maggie trunk show & Rondo's in town

Yesterday Rondo, one of my needlepoint sales reps, stopped by and I got to spend some quality time with the photographs of the newest canvases from the companies he represents.  The orders will be shipped February 1, 2015.  He also showed me the latest fibers from Rainbow Gallery.  Then we had lunch from Five Guys.  When Rondo came into the shop with our lunch, the customer I was waiting on asked where we had gotten such a wonderful smelling lunch.  The aroma of those French Fries is a killer!!!

Today I unpacked and priced a Maggie trunk show.  I received it early because Maggie was going on vacation.  It will be at Needle Nicely until I ship it back Nov. 24.  I didn't have time to take photographs of any of the canvases, but did manage to photograph these models that were included in the show.

This photograph doesn't do justice to the fringe on this pillow.  It is really gorgeous!

When you look at this unstitched canvas you wouldn't think of a purse, but it works wonderfully.   Of course I love it because the colors are so Florida.

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