Saturday, October 18, 2014

They're baaaack!!

The mini-season has started in Florida as people are flocking back from "up North".  They started appearing earlier than usual this year for some reason.  I always schedule the arrival of some new canvases for this time of year, just to add interest to my inventory. (The majority of new canvases will always be scheduled for arrival the end of January at the beginning of the "real" season.)  Here are a few of the newest beauties.
Blogger is being contrary--it refuses to post comments alongside the photographs.  Sigh.  This Christmas stocking is from Tapestry Fair.  What a wonderful canvas for pattern stitches.

This canvas is from Creative Needle.  The colors look so fresh and clear.  A different look for Inge. Well, I got this caption on, but the others aren't looking  good.  The next canvas is a Christmas ribbon canvas from Creative Needle.  It looks like it would be such fun to stitch.

The lady is a wall hanging designed by Tapestry Fair.  I love looking at her and can see gobs of stitches and fibers to use in stitching this.

This wedding sampler was designed by the Needle Nicely studio for several customers.  They liked it so well, we added it to our shop designs.

This is a paisley insert canvas from Associated Talents.  They have this paisley as many things, including a belt canvas.  All are striking.

This darling ostrich ornament is from Kirk & Bradley.  It's part of a series of funky ornaments.

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