Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What a good girl am I!!

I've mentioned before that I have a tendency toward procrastination.  Finally, this Monday I couldn't think of another thing I had to stitch for Christmas deadlines; canvases to be entered into the inventory; fibers to be stocked; or items to be shipped to finishers.  So, I had to knuckle down and attach canvases to two Dash & Albert tote bags for customers.  The first was a Pischke Pocket; the second a Mindy canvas my customer selected to go on a tote bag she bought from me.

I finish these myself rather than mailing them to one of my finishers mainly because the totes are so heavy, the postage would raise the finishing price unreasonably.  In case you're interested, the steps involved are 1) blocking the needlepoint; 2) stay stitching around the needlepoint and trimming the excess canvas; 3)stitching the backing fabric to the front of the needlepoint, leaving at least a 5"opening at the bottom which you use to turn the item rightside out; 4)attaching two sides and the bottom to the tote; 5) making a twisted cord of a coordinating color; 6)sewing the cord to the outer edge of the canvas to produce an attractive product.

I finished these two totes over 3 days in between waiting on customers.  As I look at the finished products, I keep saying, "what a good girl I am"!!


  1. Great job, Mary Agnes--these totes are lovely!

  2. Looking good--and I can certainly understand procrastination when it comes to finishing!

  3. I love your totes. You've inspired me to do some finishing this weekend. (Now let's see if I actually do it)
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