Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bad case of stitching blaaaahs

Since just before Thanksgiving, I have had a bad case of home stitching blahs.  I haven't stitched anything.  I've tried to entice myself by resurrecting the incomplete 5" tree canvases--Ho, hum!  Then I looked closely at my Clara Wells purse canvases--Yawn!  I've put several brightly colored small canvases on stretcher bars--and there they languish.

So, on to my latest selection.  A Needle Nicely customer requested that we paint an oval monogram ornament for her to stitch in lavendar for her granddaughter.  That gave me the idea that we could do these as special requests in the shop.  To try and engage my attention, I'm using a bright slime green in silk lame braid for the background.  The monogram will be dark lacquered purple Kreinik balger.
At least I've started stitching.  Now to see if I persevere.

The photograph of my stitching start is floating around somewhere in this new computer.  Hmmm.

At the shop I am continuing with my assigned projects.  I finished attaching a Lee canvas as a pocket to a Dash and Albert bag.  There is a leather strip  3" deep all around the inside bottom of the bag (if you look closely you can see the line of machine stitching where the bottom edge of the needlepoint falls.  You can't penetrate that leather with hand stitching so the pocket has to fit above it.


  1. That's a very pretty bag--why have I not heard of Dash and Albert before?

  2. Anne, they are a company that imports rugs that are especially popular in Southern clime (cotton, I think). The fabric from the rugs are also used to produce tote bags which are wonderful, but heavy. Judy Pischke used them for her Pischke pocket kits (which she has now discontinued since the world discovered the source of the bags). My customers preferred to select their own canvases to be attached.