Saturday, December 6, 2014


A few weeks ago Wednesday morning I registered for the Phoenix TNNA show in January, 2015.  I also signed up for two classes scheduled from 7:45 to 9:45 Saturday and Sunday mornings, taught before the 10am opening of the market.  I'll be honest, in my younger days, I would never have made such an early class, or not without a lot of angst.  (When I was a college professor and taught an 8am class, I told my students they only had to wait 15 minutes for me to show.  But would one of them please call and wake me up on their way out of class!!  It never happened, fortunately.)  One class I signed up for because I've heard lots about how wonderful the teacher is.  The other is offering techniques in which I am particularly interested. Realistically, I doubt that I will complete either of the canvases.  I'll probably come home, pick out my stitches, and add them to my inventory.  But much more valuable will be the stitch and fiber information I will have garnered from the classes.  As a shopowner, one (that ubiquitous one) must always check out the things teachers are promoting and practicing.

That interest in the latest in teaching ideas is one of the reasons I encourage Dotty to stop by when she is in Vero.  Dotty is a long-time customer who loves to travel all over the US taking classes from the top teachers.  I enjoy reading the stitch guides those teachers provide because I pick up tips on how to ruche certain fibers or how to manipulate other fibers.  You get the picture.  While I'm reading in order to help Dotty, I am also assimilating the information for later use in future projects.

No photos of my stitching projects--one is a gift and the other is for a customer. 

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  1. You're definitely not too old to learn something, Mary Agnes, and you'll pass all these pearls of wisdom to your customer/students. That's a good shop owner!