Thursday, December 4, 2014

Windows 8.1--Whoopeee???

Aaaah!  While it is a relief to once again have a computer, I'm hoping the learning curve isn't too steep.

As I feared, my computer indeed died at approximately 8am on Thanksgiving Day.  Ironic, since I had checked emails and blog entries at 7am and then put the computer to sleep  while I ran a few errands.  So imagine my surprise when I returned home, clicked on the computer, and a black screen greeted me with the message "Boot device not located.  Install an operating system."  This was followed by a grinding sound.  Even I could figure out that that wasn't a good sign.  Of course, my computer gurus were closed for the long weekend.  Such pain, such agony, such withdrawal.  I did manage to post the information about the crash via my i-phone (a minor miracle!).

Early Monday I stopped in at the gurus' office to drop off the suspected dead computer along with all the program discs.  After confirmation of the death, I hied me to the store where I purchased a new laptop, which I dropped off at the gurus on my way to Needle Nicely.  Thank goodness for kind people, because they called about 4pm with the news that my new darling was ready for pick-up.  I'm sure I'm not the only person who puts off  until push comes to shove about replacing a computer.  I knew my laptop was old.  So am I.  At least I had backed up the Quick Books program, though that was the only back-up I had done.  The main thing I regret are all the lost photographs.  Ah, well, toujours gai (as Mehitabel would say).

Some new canvases that have come in recently are:
This is a gorgeous witch from Shelly Tribbey.  She is on 18mesh and I really want to stitch her.

That is as far as I got Wednesday evening when I then managed to hit something and my information was blown up gigantically.  I couldn't access the scroll.  I could reach the publish button which explains why there was a blog post with no content.  I'm weary of sliding around on the learning curve!!  After hours of clicking on this and touching that, I managed to click on something that popped up as 300%.  I put it on default and here I am back to "normal".  Cross your fingers for me.

I think these are ladies.  They are designed by Christine Klacko and distributed by Maggie Co.  They are just such fun images.


  1. Congratulations on the new computer! You'll figure it out as much as you need to eventually. Odd how they have become such an important part of our lives so quickly!

  2. The first two Klacko designs are great and contain many props. The third has no props and communicates emotion as powerfully as one of the great master painters. And with a bit of whimsy. What a great series to bring to NN.

  3. Thanks, Stuart. I also think they are wonderful