Saturday, April 4, 2015

A multitude of alligators, finished

This has been an interesting week.  First I went to my gp because I was finally ready to acknowledge that I had the galloping crud.  Come to find out about 25% of Vero also has it or is recovering.  As my doctor told me, I was just late to the dance (or too stubborn to admit I was that sick!  I kept insisting it was just spring pollen.  Right.)

Next, after a consultation with Macy, I selected just the right shade of red-orange-rust silk lame braid for my alligator canvas and put it in my tote to take home for stitching.  That night, while I was bouncing off the wall from the effects of a cortisone shot and settling in for a stitching marathon since I obviously wasn't going to go to sleep, I couldn't find the fiber.  All the others, but not that bittersweet.  Tuesday at the shop I looked high and low; finally selecting what I thought was another card of the same color. It wasn't and I didn't stitch with the replacement.  Thursday night I was checking on something in Monday's daily receipts and there the card innocently reposed!  Hooray!  I quickly did a slanted gobelin with it and completed the canvas.
In looking at the finished product, I wonder if that pale yellow should have been a very pale chartreuse, but I'm happy with how it looks in person.  Sometimes a photograph emphasizes something out of proportion.

To complete my week, I got a call from UPS about noon on Friday asking why I had called Monday and put a "will call" on Needle Nicely's packages.  Say what?  Apparently someone had and they were holding two packages.  It was too late for Friday delivery, but I'll get them Monday.  Don't know whether someone was being malicious or whether the UPS employee flagged the wrong account.  I also don't know whether or not I should be concerned.  Hmmmm.

The postal service was still delivering so I received a small shipment from Pippin Studio.  These are 3 from Jennifer's dozens series of designs.


  1. Happy Easter, Mary Agnes--feel better soon!

  2. Love the finished alligators--don't suppose the skein of silk I've been searching for high and low is with your receipts, too? Obviously they're not in my house . . .hope the crud leaves soon and you feel better sooner!