Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ho hum, boring project

I'm discovering why my silent night canvas wasn't finished last year--it's boring.  Definitely couldn't compare with the golf shots this weekend at the Masters.  I still have silent night in stitching position, but I also decided to work on another patterned star canvas for the eventual star garland.  More in the future.

This canvas bag by Lee's Needle Arts looks to be perfect for carrying a laptop or several hand-held devices.  The zippers were really attractive features that caught Macy's fancy.  We have stuffed paper in it to make it more attractive on display.


  1. You have always been so inspirational about Background with your customers. Did we just detect "Boring" coupled to, in essence, the other "B" word (Background)? Maybe it belongs in the same category as reconciling the monthly bank balance--boring as processes go but rewarding when it's done.

  2. I love these bags! I have been carrying the black one for 4-5 years now. They hold up very well, although eventually I'll need a new one. Maybe the fancy leather Lee bag this time? But the nylon one is very practical and I love all the zipped pockets.

  3. This is my 'airplane' purse. I carry my laptop,iPad, etc. in one section, my traveling papers in another (tickets, class planning, sg's etc) and my personal purse stuff in another. I even carry my chargers and cords with me in case I get stuck in a layover. Can't kill these bags!