Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another star for the star garland

For the royal blue star for the star garland, I have selected the Hungarian ground stitch.  I am using 4-ply of splendor; though I think it would stitch quickly and thicker if I had used 6-ply since it is an upright stitch.  In fact, I'm going to swap out the #12 Balger I had planned to use for #16 Balger.  Definitely don't want my filling thread to be skimpy.  You can see the T I penciled on the canvas to keep myself oriented concerning the top of the canvas.  It should be easy with a star shape, but it's amazing how canvases can get turned.  The round dot is my rare earth magnet that collects everything metallic within yards of the area.
I also wanted to share a photograph of the display case Needle Nicely has for the scissors we have for sale.  I just love different scissors and have quite a personal collection.  I still have some of the confiscated scissors from the TSA, though the ones left in stock are the plain Jane (no offense, Jane Wood!) ones that are made in Pakistan and similar locales.  Who knew just about every country makes scissors?  I prefer those made in Germany.  

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  1. None taken! I like being plain Jane, actually. Folks don't realize I'm there until it is Too Late.