Saturday, May 9, 2015

Another star for the star garland, finished

I finished the blue star for the star garland.  The overall effect is quite attractive even though the Balger #16 seemed a little skimpy while I was stitching.
 The most pressing shop stitching involves three mini-stockings for a customer.  I want to finish these in May, because June is usually when grandmothers feel the pressure and bring in Christmas stockings for us to finish stitching.  These are 1/2 of Kathy Schenkel's first Christmas mini-stockings.  The Needle Nicely customer opted for only one stocking for each, rather than the pair Kathy designed.
And just in case you are wondering what might be causing your allergy symptoms, these palm tassels should be a clue.  To prolong the agony, they develop at different times--notice the palm in the middle doesn't have any yet.  Some people cut them off immediately--I leave them until the hulls turn brown because the birds feed on them.  At least that's what someone told me.

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  1. Tree pollen is wreaking havoc here, too. It's tissue time!