Saturday, May 16, 2015

TS pieced bear

Today was the annual Needle Nicely luncheon.    Macy left last month for the summer and dog agility and field trial events, but she left a picture of herself on a piece of yardstick so she could be at the luncheon in spirit.  During lunch, we placed her in the candle holder in the center of the table. The summer is definitely here.  Marcia leaves for the Northern summer on Wednesday, and Lynn leaves on Wednesday for her regular May week apiece in London and Paris.  Helen and I will hold down the fort in Vero.  There's just one more Monday to be open and then the summer schedule of Tuesday through Friday begins for Needle Nicely.
I'm still experiencing my stitching slump, so my blog entry today is about a shop model we have had for years.  It's Kalvin the running bear from TS Designs.  There are two large canvas pieces that contain the pieces that form the bear.  We used various stitches and fibers in the stitching.
The toughest part was that no finishing instructions come with the canvases, so the finisher has a tough job.  This is one of the two pieces for the bear.
 Here is Kalvin in all his glory.  He really is delightful to hold, just like a regular teddy bear, but with details of stitches and patterns to admire.
 A rear view.
 This is Kalvin's best "side" for photographing!!

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  1. Kalvin is just adorable! What a wonderful present he would be to a little person! Or maybe a big person, too. Great finishing, Mary Agnes.