Saturday, October 31, 2015


The "Surviving Wilma Sale" was so successful that I was exhausted each evening this past week.  That means there was almost no stitching accomplished.  So I looked around the shop for some canvases that I hope I haven't shown you before.

This is one that we came up with when we were still in North Carolina with its twice-yearly furniture markets.  I understand that some furniture making is returning to North Carolina after a hiatus in Asia.  It seems that shipping costs are swinging the balance in the favor of US production.

 I love this combination of coral and bamboo from Associated Talents.  Florida breezes require lots of door stops!
 And to be ahead of the season, try stitching this funny from Associated Talents.
My mind just went blank on the designer of this nifty Halloween canvas.  Duh! I'll check and edit so everyone will know.

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  1. Glad the sale was a success! "Does Santa take bribes?" is too cute!