Saturday, May 28, 2016

Noel, X

My most recent stitching on Noel has been what I think of as "clean up" stitching.  I finished the lettering on the Joy ornament.  I added the green trees and red "spots" on the white ornament.  Then I frogged the pale aquay-blue shine on the dark blue ornament and replaced it with a basketweaved more blue-light blue.  I'm now happy with that ornament.
I used the same color scheme on the other dark blue ornament, but ditched the original stitch since it had been a pain to see and stitch.  Instead, I did my now trusty nobuko.   Then a finish for the very velvet mosaic on the last of the bow in this photograph.  I also stitched the white in the Noel ornament.
 The following photo shows my progress, thus far.  I foresee a future of while silk lame braid and shades of red very velvet.  There are only 3 ornaments to be stitched (two on the right, aqua and green, and the gold one in the center).  I have started the dark brown on the central gold ornament.  I've saved them for last because I couldn't think of pattern stitches to do on them.  I may just fall back on basketweave.


  1. Looking terrific! If it's any consolation, you're at "V," not "X." Keep up the good work!

  2. Sorry, Anne, but this has been going on for almost forever!