Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Finishes for 2011, 2012, 2013--AND a 60% off sale on Rug Canvases

Feeling more like myself, I took advantage of the 3-day weekend over Christmas to go through previous blog posts to locate photographs of my finished projects for 2011, 2012, 2013.  Somehow, when I updated my computer, the photo files were lost before mid -2014.  Hence, the tedious ritual of going post by post.  When I found a photo of a finished item, I clicked on it and saved it to a jpeg.  Then I could post it on the appropriate year's page.  But it is done now--you might want to check the entries out.  I was amazed at how many ornaments I stitched in, I think, 2012.  Phenomenal!

SALE beginning January 2, 2017.  60% off all rug canvases.  This weekend I will be going through the listings and entering the sale price (60% off).  I've been ignoring my rug inventory, but it is now time to make a concerted effort to sell them.

Years ago, Alice Peterson had Stitch 'n Zip full-size Christmas stockings.  They have now added 5 stockings to their kit line, though without the zipper and backing.  They are 11x18 1/2" on 14-mesh interlock canvas and are kitted in embroidery floss.  I sell many hand-painted Christmas stockings, but have looking for several years for inexpensive kits.  Hooray!

Looking at the individual designs, there are so many opportunities for using pattern-stitches.  Kathy has offered a nice variety of subjects.  Now, to keep adding to them (says Ms Greedy Guts!).

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