Saturday, December 3, 2016

Moment of truth

I was scrolling through my past posts and came across the entry for my decision to upgrade my ticket to Dallas Love Field using Delta frequent flyer points.  It cost me 30,000 points each way.  Frankly, it was a bust.  I thought I would be able to access the First class lounge, but I was quickly told by the baggage checker that that wasn't going to happen.  The only differences from cabin to first class was that I got to board after the babies.  Then I was offered a free alcoholic beverage (at 6 am?) and on the return it was after 9am.  I could keep drinking until the plane landed, but then I would truly need the wheelchair that I had requested for my transit through the airports.  So I won't waste those miles again.

Another downer was I found that our new hotel didn't have a free shuttle service to Love Field.  There goes another $38.40 (including tip which the driver didn't seem to realize that I had paid in advance).

I do think Delta ignored the fact that my suitcase may have weighed more than 50 pounds.  And they marked it as Priority, so it was one of the first 20 suitcases off the airplane.

All things considered, I think the next time I will save my 60,000 miles (30,000 each way) and go somewhere else or donate them to charity.

EDIT:  I mentioned my disappointment in a questionnaire Delta sent me about my entire trip experience.  As a result, they gave me 7500 miles and hinted that perhaps the next trip I could arrange to use the 1st class lounge.  I prefer not to pay real money (like $50), but wouldn't mind it as a perk.  I'll have to think about whether I will spend 60,00 nules for a repeat trip without access to the 1st class lounge.

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