Saturday, December 24, 2016

Some Surprise Canvases for Christmas

After the Dallas market in September, I ordered some canvases from Melissa Shirley.  They were for the shop, not customers.  I totally forgot about them.  It was a pleasant surprise when they appeared Wednesday.  I was just thinking that we needed something new to spark up the place!

This egret is part of Melissa's series of large canvases (18x18 or 20x20--in that ball park).  The center design is also available as an 8x8 on 13m or 5x5 on 18m.
 This Bewitched banner has such detail in the letters, while the background allows for large pattern stitches.
 I like to name images in canvases like this witch bicycling with her familiar.
 What a nice combination of shells, flowers, and fruits.
Titled "Tea by the Sea"; it definitely isn't in Florida, but I find it so restful to look at.
For a future blog entry, I am working on variations of the Nobuko stitch.  Friday, I was just congratulating myself for completing a square of the double Nobuko; when I noticed that a third of the way through, I switched to the alternating double Nobuko.  That is what I was doing on the square below this one.  Brain dead, that's what I am!  I picked it out and managed to restitch it before leaving for the holiday.

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  1. Look forward to seeing more Nobuko! Merry Christmas, Mary Agnes!