Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anniversary seashell tote IV

I'm delighted that I'm ahead of my time-table for the stitching on the seashell tote.  

I've finished all the stitching in Paternayan.  The water in the seafoam is stitched in one strand of white yarn and one strand of the pale aqua "water".  It doesn't show up that differently, but I suppose that's because there isn't a vast area of color.

This is a better view of an area of the seafoam.

I'm really pleased with how smooth this stitching is.  Usually when you hold the canvas in your hand and stitch two stitches this color and three stitches that color, the stitching is quite "knobby".  Amazingly, these areas are almost as smooth as the large areas of basketweave.  My finisher will be pleased (I hope). 

Now, I get to stitch what I think of as the fun parts of the canvas.  On to the design.  I'll report again in another 2 or 3 weeks.

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