Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Variations for the "Laura" purse from ETC

The flamingos canvas I am currently blog-stitching was originally designed by Trubey to be made into a "Laura"-style purse by Elizabeth Turner Collection.  In addition to the flamingos, Trubey has done several other designs for this style pocketbook, including this one that I stitched in silk 'n ivory and had finished for a shop model.

These are the two sides of a tropical foliage design Trubey did for the purse.

This is one of the canvases in the Elizabeth Turner Collection for this style purse.  They also have this design for shoes so one can have an "ensemble".

This is another ETC canvas with the designs on each side being complementary, but different.  Such fun colors to stitch!

And finally, this "skin" design which is the same on both sides.  But enough variety in the pattern to not be boring.

All of these designs are done on 18-mesh canvas.  I think 13-mesh might be too bulky to nicely form the shape of the pocketbook.