Saturday, June 18, 2011

Penelope's turn

Helen, my most experienced and valued employee, has been very productive this late Spring  to stitch stockings for 2 of her 4 granddaughters.  I showed Lucia's stocking previously (May 11, 2011 blog entry).  Now,  Helen has finished the stitching on Penelope's stocking. 

This is one of Rebecca Wood's designs and it demonstrates her whimsical humor.  How wonderful to see the bear under the fabric (stitched in mosaic) to take the photograph of Santa and his friends.  I chuckle when I look at it.  Helen has used marvelous stitches to emphasize the design elements. 

Helen used Turkey work for the small creatures to the left of the stocking toe.  She used encroaching gobelin on the posterior of the photographer bear.  The Scotch stitch forms the basis of the picnic tablecloth.  Everywhere you look there are delightful details.

Please notice that Helen altered the shape of the stocking so that it would conform to the shapes of the other 3 stockings that she has stitched previously for the members of this family. 

We'll trim the Turkey work after the stocking comes back from the finisher.  That way we can control the length of the fibers and the overall impression.  And a Merry Christmas to Penelope!

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