Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Re Anniversary seashell tote III

I've tried more than a dozen times at several different times today to enter a comment to my blog entry of this morning to respond to Anne's comment concerning fiber and stitch of my future work on this tote.  Blogger refused to enter my comment.  Talk about a frustrating experience!    There's more than one way to skin a cat, and I decided to try to make a new blog entry.  Voila!

Actually, Anne, I've promised myself that the background of this will be stitched entirely in basketweave stitch using Paternayan yarn.  The shells will be stitched in perle in basketweave/continental stitch.  I like the durability of both fibers combined with the stitch since this will be a large tote bag costing hundreds of dollars to finish in leather.  It has provided a nice respite from the variety of stitches and fibers I've been using on the 5 stylish ladies canvas.  I've been stitching it "in my hand", rather than using a frame.  Much faster stitching.

Blogger has its quirks and I hope that others don't have the difficulty I had in trying to enter my comment.  Mary Agnes

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